Install ubuntu in an Existing Windows System without Loosing any data …

It may be a situation where you have a PC with windows installed and lots of data on other partitions and you need to install ubuntu on it without loosing any data (i.e. you do not want to format any partition). Here is what you can do ……

  •  Boot using the ubuntu live-cd
  •  Use the option — ” Try ubuntu without installing “
  •  Your live-cd environment is now ready
  •  Run the application ” gparted
  •  gparted is a fantastic partition editor. Here you can resize any   existing partition to make some free space for installing ubuntu without loosing any data.
  • Right click on the partition you wish to resize, select “Resize”. Resize it according to your needs and “Apply”
  • That’s it. You now have free space where you can install ubuntu.
  • Now start the installer by clicking the icon on the desktop.

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